Privacy Policy

Our Website

When individuals only browse our website, we do not collect their personal information. As a paper-free organisation, our website allows individuals to upload and download documents using our Client Portal facility. Documents in the Client Portal are traced with identification stamps.

Client Portal users may be subject to stringent rules which limit identification sharing.  This is a requirement of the Commonwealth Government.  Attempts to link individuals will lock out users and has been designed for client identity protection.  We do not warrant that client portal services will be available.

If we flag a client or prospect as non-current we will retain copies of their details and file notes, records and information may be contained in multiple copies.  We do not warrant to remove past record of personal information but will safeguard access from further use.  Emails may be sent to former clients and prospects until they unsubscribe.


Our website may use cookies.  These cookies do not store any personal or confidential information.


Subscribers to PAS TV on YouTube will have no information recorded and retained by Price Accounting Services Pty Ltd.