We assist a large number of SMSFs with their accounting and reporting including member statements, annual tax and dealing with the extensive compliance issues all SMSFs face.

In 2017, we implemented new specialised SMSF software which avoids costly data processing that helps to process transactions using integrated data feeds from banks, brokers, wraps and platforms – All of your choice. Even mandatory issues like ATO Superstream employer reporting is automated and at no extra cost.  

Pension documents, investment strategy and all compliance records included.  These transactions and contract notes can be organised to flow directly into the software and largely can be automated.

This saves time and money especially after the first year and assists costs to be focussed on real deliverables eg tax effective pensions etc, CGT minimisation and all for a competitive fee.

If you are using a traditional accountant or software it’s time for a SMSF health check. The old ways no longer work and may be costing you. We regularly find major errors in compliance like no death nominations, poor recording of tax elements and strategies so that tax at the time of a member death is minimised.  

Accountants can no longer provide financial advice. Our combined talents use Price Financial Intelligence and its licensed financial advisers together with Price Accounting and our experienced and qualified tax advisers so that a complete integrated and cost-effective solution is tailored to your needs.

We are happy to discuss your SMSF and how we can assist using our 1hr free consultation. Contact us today.

Paul Gerrard - Accounting & Tax Manager

William Mills or Wayne Tilden - Financial Advisers


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